Timely decisions based on real-time insights

The most demanding, time-sensitive organizations such as financial corporations and banks use ActivePivot every day to make informed, timely decisions, reduce their risk, discover opportunities, and react rapidly to events and changing conditions as they occur.

ActivePivot helps you make informed, time-critical decisions based on ever-changing Big data. By extracting actionable intelligence from any number of data sources, ActivePivot delivers answers to your queries - instantly, intuitively, and with dimension-free exploration.

ActivePivot Live

All data. Any dimension

Forget the restrictions imposed by obsolete OLAP systems and the “curse of dimensionality.” With ActivePivot you gain insight into the exact data you need - regardless of how it is stored or structured. Every column can be a dimension, so there’s absolutely no limit on your analysis criteria. Our customers use hundreds of dimensional queries without even stretching the full power of ActivePivot. Come to think of it - shouldn’t your analytical system comply with your needs, rather than the other way around?

High Performance Analytics

Whether you operate in the financial services, digital business, or supply chain business, ActivePivot can help you:
Improve your operational decision making with instant, sophisticated analysis  
Run queries on complete data sets at any level of granularity, regardless of data models and hierarchies  
Perform drill-downs and root-cause analysis on historical data  
Evaluate alternative scenarios using predictive analytics  
Collaborate and share analysis between team members  

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The real-time performance analytics product suite



The ActivePivot Product Family

The ActivePivot product family includes the following products:


includes the core in-memory aggregation and analytics technology handling live big data.

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provides a front-end discovery and navigation interface with self-service dashboards.

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provides a sophisticated alerting mechanism for acting upon potential issues or opportunities.

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What They Say About Us

As our core risk aggregation and P&L calculation engine, ActivePivot has become a “can’t do without” tool that support the real-time risk management imperatives that drive our FIC business.

Charles Brandolini, Director, Fixed Income and Rates technology, Société Générale CIB