Power up decision-making across your company
Smart visualisation, alerting and simulation at your fingertips

A Powerful analytical platform

A powerful
analytical platform

  • Rich, highly-interactive visualisations
  • No “black box”: drill down to see the logic and calculation behind every figure
your own solution

An environment
tailored for your business

  • Build up your own solution from our expert templates
  • Create new business rules on-the-fly
Enhance your decision-making process

Enhance your
decision-making process

  • Smart limit monitoring management
  • Unlimited & reactive simulation engine
  • Multi-user validation process

ActivePivot Live is a UI environment designed to enable your organization
to take full advantage of the analytics power offered by ActivePivot.

ActivePivot Live empowers you and your to navigate easily through vast streams of data, bringing to the foreground the pieces that are relevant to steer your business forward. The powerful “What-If?” engine lets you simulate the impact of all possible scenarios and the collaborative platform transforms the decision-making process in your company to make it lighter, faster and better at finding the best way forward.

ActivPivot LiveActivPivot LiveActivPivot LiveActivPivot Live

Rich and highly-interactive visualisations

ActivePivot Live provides a flexible role-based deployment for the creation of an efficient collaborative decision process, with different views to match each function:

  • An operations view for day-to-day performance monitoring and decision-making
  • A rich environment for advanced data analytics and planning
  • A senior management and steering committees view for real-time reporting, oversight and forecasting

ActivePivot Live is built on JavaScript, making it possible to further customize the experience with minimum development resources.

Leave the spreadsheet behind.
No more time-consuming e-mail swaps, no more manual errors.

ActivePivot Live centralizes data, calculations and business rules on the platform.
It makes collaboration infinitely quicker and easier.

A Collaborative Platform

ActivePivot for Pricing

Demo of ActivePivot for Pricing:
Define, Implement & Monitor a retail pricing strategy

Discover how ActivePivot can help improve and speed up your operational process to build and execute a precise pricing strategy.

Schedule your own personnalized demo.

With just a click, create a splinter environment to test the impact of any scenario.

You can adjust any value, rule or parameter to perform stress tests, validate your strategy and respond with agility to unforeseen circumstances.

ActivePivot Live continuously updates from
all the company source systems.

A flexible and smart system alerts you to the changes that are relevant to your activity, through any channel you choose: push notifications, visual signal, e-mail, etc.

In-memory computing

ActivePivot for Supply Chain

Demo of ActivePivot for Supply Chain:
Real-time operational decision making

Discover how ActivePivot can help improve and speed up decision making in Supply Chain operations

Schedule your own personnalized demo.

Contact us to set up a demo tailor-made for your specific use.

The ActivePivot Platform

The ActivePivot product family includes the following products:


A NoSQL database that offers best-in-class transfer rate, reliability and scalability and still runs on standard hardware.


A rule-based module with workflow and real-time alerting services for KPI management and monitoring.


An in-memory database combining transactional and analytical processing to handle the aggregation of ever-changing data.


An MDX-based data discovery interface with dashboards to enable real-time decisions.