Dashboard and data discovery for real-time decisions

ActivePivot Live™ is our web client interface for data analysis and visualization. Accessible from any desktop or tablet, ActivePivot Live lets you run complex analysis and simulations on both historical and fast-moving dynamic data.

ActivePivot Live makes you productive from the very first moment. You can use a wizard to quickly define pivot queries; drag and drop measures to refine your analysis; use a dozen of built-in widgets to enhance the dashboard with charts or data from external sources; and quickly create, share, and shift between different dashboard views.

ActivePivot Live Datasheet

ActivePivot Live

Real-time data discovery and navigation




Visual alerts of dynamic changes

If you’re analyzing fast-moving dynamic data, ActivePivot Live will call your attention to changes by automatically flashing and fading out cells with modified values. You can tailor the UI behavior to match your dynamic analysis needs and get visual alerts when an anomaly is detected.

ActivePivot Live


Supporting organization-wide analytical needs, ActivePivot Live lets you share your analysis with multiple team members.

Data architects or any operational user can create bookmarks to reflect a specific analysis to be shared. Bookmarks can share an entire dashboard view, a chart, a set of specific filters, or any other analysis component. A change made to bookmarks automatically propagates to all users, who may also communicate and write notes using the notepad widget.


Dashboard customizability


Whether you need to monitor activities, understand the root cause of an outlier or drill in a specific measure, ActivePivot Live lets you analyze data and act upon it within the same environment.

Wit no help from IT, you can bring together the exact views you need and create your bespoke dashboard - with third-party applications and external data sources such as newsfeeds or comments. Using built-in, ready to use widgets, you can configure custom layouts, create formulas for calculated measures, combine any number of measures, as well as create your own widgets for feature-rich dashboards.


The ActivePivot Platform

The ActivePivot product family includes the following products:


An in-memory database combining transactional and analytical processing to handle the aggregation of ever-changing data.

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An MDX-based data discovery interface with dashboards to enable real-time decisions

ActivePivot Suite

A rule-based module with workflow and real-time alerting services for KPI management and monitoring

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